PROfessional Structural Analysis Program

 reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, reinforced masonry, timber, XLAM, semi-prefabricated beams, large lightly reinforced walls, FRP reinforcements for masonry and reinforced concrete structures, steel and concrete reinforcement for existing concrete structures.
CHECKS existing buildings, insulators, soil-structure interaction, fire resistance.
APPLIES Italian regulations, Eurocodes.
MANAGES elasto-plastic elements, geometric non-linearity, equilibrium stability, construction phases, pushover analysis, dampers.
DRAWS reinforced concrete, steel and timber structures.
GENERATES calculation report, geotechnical report, maintenance plans.
DETAILS floors, stairs, roofs, elevator cores, masonry hoops


PROFESSIONAL version: allows the calculation of structures with no limit of nodes and geometry.
LT version: limited to 500 nodes; the features are the same as the PROFESSIONAL version with only the limit of nodes.
ENTRY version: free up to 150 nodes; it can be used for professional purposes and allows report and drawing generation (this version does not allow the non-linear analysis).
e-TIME version: Free on Saturday and Sunday and from 20 to 8 every day (GMT+1.00); it can be used for professional purposes and allows all PRO_SAP modules, drawings and calculation reports generation.

Offers available for students, recent graduates, docents ; special prices for multiple licenses or competitive upgrade.

2S.I. in collaboration with University of Ferrara and CM2 – Computing Objects SARL, École Centrale Paris spin-off developed the latest generation e_SAP solver. Civil engineering specific functions, such as second order analysis effects and buckling analysis are immediately applicable. Non-linear step analysis ( load history ), large displacements analysis (cables, membranes, tensile structures,…) and dumper analysis, are some of the tools available to refine the structural design.


PRO SAP Professional SAP meets the requirements of every designer: PRO_SAP modules might be purchased individually for maximum customization.

Base Module: modelling and static analysis. Truss, beam, pillar, membrane, walls, shell, solid elements, slabs, beams, footings, pilings, insulators, damping systems. Linear seismic analysis. Calculation report and maintenance plan.
Module 1: reinforced concrete design and verification (beams, columns, walls, slabs, shells) with ULS or allowable stress methods. New and existing buildings. Calculation report.
Module 2: steel elements design and verification (beams, columns, truss) with ULS or allowable stress methods. New and existing buildings. Calculation report.
Module 3: seismic dynamic analysis, response spectrum analysis, equilibrium stability.
Module 4: reinforced concrete construction drawing generation: beams, columns, walls and partitions, plates, slabs, floors, carpentry floor, stairs. Design and calculation report for footings and foundation piles.
Module 5: metal connections design and drawing generation: base plate, beam-column joint, continuity joint, beam-beam joint, bolted and welded carpentry. Design, drawing and calculation report.
Module 6: one-dimensional elastic-plastic truss only tensioned/compressed. Pushover analysis for new and existing buildings, construction phases management, variable static pattern, nonlinear step analysis.
Module 7: masonry and timber structures design and verification with ULS or allowable stress methods. New and existing buildings. Calculation report. Timber connection design, drawing and calculation report. Wooden floors with connectors.
Module 8: concrete, steel and timber elements fire resistance verification according to the Italian and European codes UNI 9502, UNI EN 1992-1-2:2005 and UNI EN 1995-1-2:2005.
Module 9: geotechnical analysis, Winkler modulus calculation for superficial and deep foundations, settlement calculation. Geotechnical verification and report.
Module 10: new technologies design and verification: reinforced masonry, large lightly reinforced walls, X-LAM cross-laminated timber, semi-prefabricated beams, masonry and concrete structures FRP reinforcement.
Module 11: e-SAP 64 bit solver – e_SAPx64.


PRO_SAP Professional SAP is available in two different and favourable application packages:

Standard edition: includes base module and optional 1 to 5. Enables design, verification, reports generation and drawings of reinforced concrete and steel buildings.
Advanced edition: includes the base module and the optional 1 to 10 and enables the design, verification, calculations and drawings with all the technologies operated by PRO_SAP.


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