PRO_SAP STONE is a modulus of FEM software PRO_SAP which allows to check the safety of marble panels and to design anchoring systems of these elements to structural elements.

PRO_SAP STONE includes PRO_SAP modelling instruments and automatic generators and PRO_SAP solver for finite elements analysis.

PRO_SAP STONE is BIM ready, so it allows to import and export IFC file for an automatic generation of the geometry of the model.


Program performs safety check of marble panels according to UNI 11018.

Steel elements verifications for anchoring systems are performed according to UNI EN 1993:2005 (Eurocode 3).

PRO_SAP STONE has a library of the most used stone materials, and metallic materials for anchoring systems. User can also modify and enrich this library.

The program comes with a detailed gallery of models developed in collaboration with I.S.I.M (International marble institute) which allows the user to take confidence with the program and become productive in a very short time.