Driver and Software download

In this section there are updates to the driver supports hardware distributed by us. There are also patches for the resolution of problems of various applications and various software.

Sentinel Super PRO Protection key driver type USB or Parallel for operating systems:
Windows 64bit/32bit

Other drivers

Software for checking the correct operation of the Sentinel protection key.

Note: We recommend using the normal driver un-installation (Control Panel Add or Remove Programs) for our drivers. SSDCleanUp might remove your Sentinel protected software application and other Sentinel SDK installation. Therefore, SSDCleanUp should be used as the last option for driver uninstall.

Registry file (. Reg) to reset the settings window start of PRO_SAP. To be used in case of fatal errors during startup of the program. To use the patch unzip the file and run the file .reg.

Version 23.1 (04/02/2009) (February 4, 2009)
Installation Procedure only package Flex/LM (32bit and 64bit) for the management of license Algor.

Version 19.1 sp1 (v1.0 of 14/08/2006) (August 14, 2006)
Installation Procedure only package Flex/LM for the management of license Algor. Useful if you are having problems installing the package Flex/LM from the original CD Algor belonging to the 19.x version