PRO_SAM is the PRO_SAP‘s plugin which connects PRO_SAP with the SAM II solver.

Promoted by Confindustria Ceramica Raggruppamento Laterizi and developed by Prof. Magenes and by Eng. Manzini and Morandi, PRO_SAM perform multimodal analysis, linear static and non linear static (pushover) through the equivalent frame method. It design reinforce concrete, unreinforced masonry, reinforce masonry or mixed buildings.

SAM II solver has a consolidated literature behind it, there are a good number of reference and applications in Italian and international technical literature.

As a consequence of the new Italian standards for structural design of 2018 ANDIL assigned to 2S.I. the opportunity to carry on ANDIL Wall project.

Among the news, a completely new input system, output data display as table and graphical view and the possibility to interact with the other PRO_SAP modules available.

PRO_SAM, indeed, integrates perfectly in PRO_SAP allowing to manage many materials at the same time and to use all the check modules available even foundations and local kinematics valuation.

News available from 2020 version:

  • New multimodal forces distribution and related forces trend;
  • Floor kinematics automatic export towards PRO_CineM;
  • Auomatic generation of D3 models with plate and shell elements for foundations or for linear analysis.
Non linear static analysis (pushover) with PRO_SAM
Non linear static analysis (pushover) with PRO_SAM

PRO_SAM is not available on PRO_SAP free version for professional use (Entry and E-Time), it is available indeed in Start Up version dedicated to students, educational purposes, scientific research or evalution purposes.