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    Software package information

    PRO_SAP PROfessional SAP - Professional Version
    PRO_SAP PROfessional SAP - LT Version (limited to 750 nodes)
    PRO_SAP STONE - Professional Version (Includes base module, Optional 2 and STONE)


    Base module: Input and staitic analysis of structures, BIM interface
    Module 1: Reinforced concrete design
    Module 2: Steel design and verification
    Module 3: Dynamic analysis, buckling equilibrium stability
    Module 4: R.C. construction drawing
    Module 5: Design and drawing of steel connections, truss only tensioned or only compressed
    Module 6: Nonlinear static analysis, load history analysis, evolutives functions
    Module 7: Masonry and timber design with connection drawings
    Module 8: Analytical fire resistance verification
    Module 9: Geotechnical analysis
    Module 10: New technologies design. Reinforced masonry, X-LAM cross-laminated timber, semi-prefabricated beams, FRP reinforcement for masonry and concrete structures. Reinforcement for masonry with FRCM
    Analysis with 64-bit e_SAP solver


    PRO_CSE: Design and verification of steel connections (output for Castalia CSE) requires base module, module 2 and Castalia CSE
    PRO_IDEA: Design and verification of steel connections (output for IDEA StatiCa) requires base module, module 2 and IDEA StatiCa
    PRO_SAM: Pushover analysis for masonry, RC and mixed structures with engine SAM II by Magenes, Manzini, Morandi. Requires base module

    Other Software (can be purchased without the base module)

    PRO_CINEM - Kinematics analysis (linear and non-linear) of masonry structures
    PRO_SAFE - R.C. industrial buildings seismic rehabilitation
    PRO_MST - Retaining walls design
    PRO_VLIM - Reinforced concrete sections failure domain
    PRO_VLIM Evolution - Failure domain for r.c. and prestressed concrete sections , fire resistance analysis, FRP reinforcement
    PRO_CL4 - Generic steel sections: classification and assessment of local instabilities with calculation of effective characteristics in class 4. Strength checks
    PRO_STAB - Slopes stability analysis
    PRO_CIS - Static suitability certificate for buildings in the Municipality of Milan (italy)
    PRO_SMB - Seismic risk classification for constructions with conventional or simplified method
    PRO_ILC - Local interventions and construction details: calculation of framed opening in walls and floors, wooden or corrugated steel floors, RC stairs, maintenance plan, verification of infill expulsion, calculation of cantilevers

    Special offers

    Graduate Offer (offer reserved for students or graduates within 2 years of graduation)
    Teacher Offer (offer reserved for teachers)
    Change Software Offer (offer reserved for technicians who have a licence of another FEM software)

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