PRO_SAP Modules

PRO_SAP Professional SAP meets the needs of every designer: its modules can be purchased individually to allow maximum customisation.

Base module: Input and staitic analysis of structures, BIM interface
Modelling and static analysis with truss, beam, column, membrane, plate-shell, solid elements, floors, plinths, foundation slabs and piles, seisimc isolators. Linear static seismic analysis. Calculation report and maintenance plan.

BIM technology: import, update and export of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) interchange files.

Module 1: Reinforced concrete design
Design and verification of reinforced concrete elements (beams, columns, walls, slabs, shells) using ULS, SLS and allowable stress for new and existing buildings. Calculation report.

Module 2 Steel design and verification
Design and verification of strength and stability of steel elements (beams, columns, posts) with ULS, SLS and allowable stress methods for new and existing buildings. Calculation report.

Module 3 Dynamic analysis, equilibrium stability
Modal seismic analysis with response spectrum, equilibrium stability (buckling) analysis.

Module 4 R.C. construction drawing
Reinforced concrete construction drawing generation (beams, columns, partitions and walls, slabs, floor slabs, stairs, cores). Design and calculation report for plinths and foundation piles.

Module 5 Design and drawing of steel connections, truss only tensioned or compressed
Steel joints design and drawing generation: base plate, beam-column joint, continuity joint, beam-beam joint, bolted and welded carpentry. Design, drawing and calculation report. Tension-only or compression-only truss.

Module 6 Nonlinear static analysis, load history analysis, evolutives functions
One-dimensional elasto-plastic elements, tensioned/compressed members only. Pushover analysis for new and existing buildings, construction phase management, variable static scheme models, non-linear step analysis.

Module 7 Masonry and timber design with connection drawings
Masonry and timber structures design and verification with ULS or allowable stress methods both for new and existing buildings. Calculation report. Timber connection design, drawing and calculation report. Timber floors with connectors.

Module 8 Analytical fire resistance verification
Analytical fire resistance verification for concrete, steel and timber elements according to Italian and European standards UNI EN 1992-1-2:2005 and UNI 9502 (May 2001), UNI EN 1993-1-2:2005, UNI EN 1995-1-2:2005.

Module 9 Geotechnical analysis
Geotechnical analysis, Winkler modulus calculation for superficial and deep foundations, settlement calculation. Geotechnical verification and report

Module 10 New technologies design
New technologies design and verification: reinforced masonry, X-LAM cross-laminated timber, semi-prefabricated beams, FRP reinforcement for masonry and concrete structures. Reinforcement for masonry with FRCM.
Module 11 Analysis with 64-bit e_SAP solver
The 64-bit solver handles an almost unlimited amount of memory: 2 64 bytes and enables the solution of FEM models even with a high number of nodes and finite elements.