HOW TO: Install PRO_SAP Start-UP for the first time

PRO_SAP Start-UP is a  free version dedicated to students, educational purposes, scientific research or evaluation purposes.

In order to install correctly PRO_SAP on your device, please follow the steps below:

  1. Download and install PRO_SAP latest version from our website (, in the section Download PRO_SAP Download:

PRO_SA Startup 1

  1. Run the setup. Now it can be possible to choose the correct version of the license, as shown below:

PRO_SAP setup

  1. Once the Setup is completed, it is necessary to activate the proper license. If not, the following message will compare:


To activate the license, a few more steps are required.

First, click on the button in the top-right of the initial page:



  1. In order to proceed with the activation of the version PRO_SAP START-UP, it is necessary to fill out the form:


It will be saved as JohnDoe.req.


  1. Then, it will be necessary to send the newly-created file by email to in order to receive the activation-license file dat and to activate the license, as shown below:


  1. Now you can run PRO_SAP START-UP and start your project.