PRO_SAP Download

PRO_SAP RY2017(c) for Windows® download, also be installed for commercial use in e-TIME and Entry editions, time limited (e-TIME) or free up to 150 nodes (Entry)

For commercial licenses LT and Professional, the software requires the release code for the year 2017.
The code was sent to customers by e-mail at the same time release the new version. Before installing this version make sure you have the code release.
You can install the software e-TIME and Entry without release code and operate normally.

Size 141 MB

Download previous versions

Minimum hardware and software:

CPU: Intel Pentium© 1000 Mhz or higher (similar or compatible processor).
Memory (Ram): 128 MB or higher (check the Operating System for minimum requirements of RAM).
Video Card OpenGL compatible.
Occupied space on Hard Disk: 500 MB.
1 free USB port.

Operating systems (32bit and 64bit): Microsoft® Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista.


To view the new features in the current version of PRO_SAP (in bold updated modules from the previous version):


News PRO_SAP Verifica Geotecnica
News PRO_CAD Pilastri
News PRO_CAD Setti Piastre.txt
News PRO_CAD plinti.txt
News PRO_CAD Disegno Acciaio
News PRO_CAD Nodo Trave Colonna
News PRO_CAD Nodi acciaio
News PRO_CAD Impalcati
News PRO_CAD Travi
News Carichi vento e neve
News PRO_VLIM Resistenza al fuoco
News PRO_CAD Particolari costruttivi>
News PRO_PM Piani di manutenzione
News PRO_CAD Disegno pareti
News PRO_DL74 Agibilità sismica - shakemap INGV
News PRO_SAFE Interventi locali per edifici industriali
News PRO_CINEm Analisi lineare e non lineare dei cinematismi nella muratura
News PRO_MARM Progetto muratura armata
News PRO_CAD Nodi legno

News PRO_SAP manual
News PRO_MST manual
News PRO_VLIM manual

Download note
If you experience problems downloading the software, we recommend the use of a "Download Manager". A good free program that takes care of this is Free Download Manager can be downloaded at